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The Game The Giant Leap

2D Space jumper/adventure/exploration game.
Uses fuel to "leap" off planets in search for extra-terrestrial life.
Some asteroids might implode, some got fuel, and some got the ability to contain life.

Title screen The Space Herring

Players have to work their way through the center of the universe by identifying solar systems with intelligent life. By reaching intelligent systems the player get more probes to continue explore the universe.

Drakes Question

Find out the answer to the Drake Equation! Currently in beta. Includes: Fully Textured and Normal Mapped Futuristic military training station, Asteroids formed using real data, Ships to fly in the asteroid storm, 3rd person control, Some AI. Plan to include : Dialogue, Drake Equation facts, Space travel history, and last but not least the drake Equation Calculator!-- note : most features we were unable to implement in a 48 hour period, but we want to keep updating the game! 

Awesome stuff Avoid SETI

The game as it is on submission is far from complete, but in essence it’s well represented. Avoid SETI takes the last part of Drake’s Equation, “the average length of time such civilizations survive and continue to send communication”.

We chose to elaborate on this idea and came up with an interesting proposal. What if this civilization CHOSE to not be detected? and what if they are constantly taking measures to keep us from finding them? This lead us to the discussion about how they would hide and why. The answers could be simple or complex, we went for the idea that contact with other civilizations had less than desirable outcome for “our” aliens. And now they send agents to nearby planets to keep them from finding them.

The Search

An Planet mining game with the search for a new earth.

Astrum gameplay Astrum

In this game, the player builds a stellar empire and collects the energy of distant stars. Small, colder stars provide little energy and a weak slingshot-effect, but live for eons. Larger stars live fast and die young. Watch out though, as all stars ultimately die, ripping holes in your network. Controls: LMB: Click a ringed star to travel to it. RMB - Hold to look around. Mouse-Scroll: Zoom in and out. Escape: Press (and wait) to restart. Misc. : Hover the cursor over a star to view some information about it.

Kepler Crusaders

This game is currently a single player exploration of the kepler universe, completely built in excel (using Visual Basic). In the game, there are 5 species of Aliens, the Earthlings (us), the HotHumans, the Keplearphians, the Keplupitans, and the Keplunians.

The Hothumans come from planet Kepler59B, an Earth sized planet that orbits very close to its star. The Keplearphians come from Kepler186f, a planet very similar to the Earth, and the first "potentially habitable" planet found by Kepler. The Kepupitans hail from planet Kepler15B, very similar to Jupiter, they are used to large Gas Giant types of planets. Finally the Keplunians are from Kepler 38B, a super Earth, very large, but probably still a rocky planet. 


CODEX LUCIS is a game about receiving and understanding a message from space.

Fermi's Hunt

Using imagery from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, retrieved via web service, hunt around for "signals" before your telescope time ends! Includes a mini-game with the ATA Waterfall images retrieved at random.Link coming soon!

Can't Stop The Signal

Maintain Civilization; Establish Communication