The SETI-JAM’s theme centers on the Institute’s quest to understand life in the universe. In 1960, Frank Drake, one of the SETI Institute scientists, did the first-ever search for extraterrestrial intelligence. He came up with the equation to estimate the number of technology-savvy societies that might be in our galaxy. This has become widely known as the Drake Equation. The equation is based on seven questions: How often do stars like the Sun form? What fraction of those stars have planets? How many of those planets can support life? What’s the chance that they actually develop life? What fraction of that life evolves intelligence? How often does that intelligent life broadcast messages into space? And how long do they usually survive? Scientists at the SETI Institute delve deep into all of these questions.
All SETI-JAM games will address one or more of the Drake Equation’s terms and incorporate real data into the game.
This gamejam is all about connecting real science with real games. We believe that gaming has the power to educate and inspire people in all walks of life to want to learn about the universe around them. Through this gamejam, the SETI Institute is beginning our journey working with the game development community to engage the public in all the wonders of the real science and exploration happening at the Institute.