SETI-JAM Overview

Game developers around the planet will gather to create fun, educational games based upon the real science and data from some of the most advanced telescopes and NASA missions! The SETI-Jam is open to all, whether you’re a veteran developer, hobbyist, or student. Your games will not only be great achievements in coding prowess, but will also help capture the public’s interest in the actual science and technology advancements helping humanity understand the origin, nature, and prevalence of life in the universe!

The SETI-JAM is a global endeavor. Game developers from anywhere, on or off the planet can participate. The Jam is a three day experience beginning on Friday evening and concluding with game presentations on Sunday evening. 

At the Jam

During the three days of the SETI-JAM, game developers will be visited by SETI Institute scientists and mentors to learn about the cutting edge research that you might incorporate into your games. An introduction to the theme and data available for the jam will take place on the opening evening with additional question and answer sessions from scientists throughout the program. The final game pitch session will occur on Sunday afternoon and will be heard by NASA and SETI scientists, aerospace entrepreneurs, and members of 3,000,0000 member strong SETI Institute community!

A Note on IP

Just to be clear, no one managing, sponsoring, or otherwise participating in the SETI-JAM will take any ownership of the IP from the participants in this gamejam. As a Satellite Jam host, please ensure that all of your participants know this. All data assets listed on the website site, are public domain assets and can be incorporated into games without license.