Big Shoulders Media / The MecWarriors

SETI Jam Chicago, October 2014

Big Shoulders Media and The MecWarriors are glad to host the Chicago satellite location for the SETI Jam 2014. We've got three teams of mostly students from Columbia College Chicago and the Interactive Arts & Media department, home of one of the highest rated Game Design programs in the country.

Our teams are: 

Team name: Nuthin Stoupid
Game name: TerraForm
In this Pong-like game, two players create a young Earth by combining asteroids. The asteroids come out of the asteroid belt and engage the players as it becomes the "ball" in the Pong-like game play. The player who bounces the most asteroids creating the planet wins. Keys W+S for player one, Up and Down for player two.


Team name: i candie
Game name: Close Encounters of the Galactic Kind
The player guides a civilization, expanding through inhabiting and terraforming different planets long enough to communicate with others. The L factor will be large. Maintaining communication standards across time is an issue.

Team name: Tardigrades
Game name: Mayflower
The game is about Scanning Kepler data for intelligent life. A slower, methodical kind of game, where the player scans for clues and checks for certain criteria. Player arranges data clips and finds patterns.



We are in the West Loop of Chicago. Near the Morgan St. Green Line.