Form Submission: Game Upload

Game Name: 
Close Encounters of the Galactic Kind
Game Description: 

The player guides a civilization, expanding through inhabiting and terraforming different planets long enough to communicate with others. The L factor will be large. Maintaining communication standards across time is an issue. This team chose to prototype a game. They made a video description of the game and that's what we have uploaded.

Team Name: 
i candie

Amanda Dittami: UI, character design, world design, game design Mason Arrington: Kepler scripting, population scripting, camera scripting, game design  Ashlyn Sparrow: Planets and galaxies Jacob Mooney: Scripting, sound design  Larry Griffen: Art for spaceships and logo, game design

Tools and Technologies: 
Data Source usage: 
Kepler planet data. Drakes equation.