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Two players (aliens) moving in an orbit around the sun trying to "form" the earth by grabbing objects floating around space and slinging it into an orbiting asteroid between them and the sun. Eventually the "earth" will form and the person that forms it becomes the good guy slinging "good objects" at it to make it develop life and the bad guy will sling (the other player) "bad objects" towards the "earth" to try and destroy it / break it down. 

Team Name: 
Nuthin Stoüpid

Tony Le: Game Design, Programming Jessica Borlovan: UI, ProgrammingAxel Boutry:Game design, ProgrammingMario Ramirez: Game Art, Animation Matt Greenhill: Game design, Programming Joe Song: Sound Design

Tools and Technologies: 
Data Source usage: 
Drake's Equation mostly the the "L" variable. DAMIT 3D Models,
Windows Binary file - Zip format: