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Telescope Of Increasing Size Placement Analyzer
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Simulate the process of building out a large radio telescope array bymanaging funding and placing telescopes.Telescope placement pattern is of paramount importance, and many tools are provided to understand the ramifications of a particular placement. The primary placement criteria is to have more telescopes in the array. Secondarily, it's optimal to achieve an even mix of distances between the placed telescopes (refer to fig 1, distance line). Tertiarily, each telescope (and the array itself) should be placed so as to minimize radio frequency interference from nearby ground-based sources (see fig 2, sample points on the terrain). The quaternary criteria is to achieve a gaussian distribution of distances between telescopes (refer to fig 1, histogram). When all these paramaters are balanced, the player can acquire interesting radio images from astronomical sources! Which lead to more funding in what is a completely realistic manner.


Michael Stevenson & Ryan Williams - ProgrammingAndrew Coggeshall - 3D Modeling

Mac, Windows
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Allen Telescope Array CAD model
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