Form Submission: Game Upload

Game Name: 
Kepler Crusaders
Game Description: 

This game is currently a single player exploration of the kepler universe, completely built in excel (using Visual Basic). In the game, there are 5 species of Aliens, the Earthlings (us), the HotHumans, the Keplearphians, the Keplupitans, and the Keplunians.

The Hothumans come from planet Kepler59B, an Earth sized planet that orbits very close to its star. The Keplearphians come from Kepler186f, a planet very similar to the Earth, and the first "potentially habitable" planet found by Kepler. The Kepupitans hail from planet Kepler15B, very similar to Jupiter, they are used to large Gas Giant types of planets. Finally the Keplunians are from Kepler 38B, a super Earth, very large, but probably still a rocky planet. 

In the game you are battling the other species for control of each new Kepler planet. You can select which planet to battle for, and each species has its own strengths and weaknesses on that planet based on how similar or different it is from their home. You can spend your own currency, SETIBucks, to buy special features that help you on diferent types of  planets. You can get Heat Shields, Warp Drives to go to far off planets, and Gravity Deflectors to work on super large planets.

Muh of the game is not yet developed, but the simulation of battling for the planet is up and running.

Team Name: 
Institute of Competition Sciences

Joshua neubertand Ran Tao's Inspiration

Excel, Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Excel, Visual Basic
Data Source usage: 
We used the Kepler Planets database to incorporate real information about all the exosolar planets that have been found
Windows Binary file - Zip format: