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In this game, the player builds a stellar empire and collects the energy of distant stars. Small, colder stars provide little energy and a weak slingshot-effect, but live for eons. Larger stars live fast and die young. Watch out though, as all stars ultimately die, ripping holes in your network. Controls: LMB: Click a ringed star to travel to it. RMB - Hold to look around. Mouse-Scroll: Zoom in and out. Escape: Press (and wait) to restart. Misc. : Hover the cursor over a star to view some information about it.

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The Astrumauts

Stefan Andersson. Game design, visual design and implementation, programming. Johann Prell. Audio design and implementation. Inger Ekman. Game design, programming.Scientific advisors:Erik Zackrisson (docent) Stockholm University with team/colleagues/students: Saghar Asadi, Hannes Jensen, Thøger Rivera-Thorsen, Per Calissendorff

Windows, Mac, Web.
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We model stars based on real star types. The game addresses the temporal aspects of Drakes equation: the birth (and decay) of stars and star systems, and the astronomically short time windows for reaching a star (system) at the opportune time when it may harbor intelligent life. The game also demonstrates the challenges inherent in observing of galaxies from vantage points within those same galaxy.
Astrum gameplay
Astrum gameplay
Astrum gameplay
Astrum gameplay