Form Submission: Game Upload

Game Name: 
The Search
Game Description: 

An Planet mining game with the search for a new earth.

Team Name: 
Double Half

Christer P. Somby - Programmer
Kristoffer Eidså - Programmer
Jonas D. Reitan - Programmer and art
Henning Luick - Programmer
Håkon Bjørklund - Programmer Everyone did everything, mostly.

Windows, can be compiled to almost any platform.
Tools and Technologies: 
SDL was used for the programming part. Most of the DLLs are there. We haven't tested on other machines. But a tech savvy guy should be able to get the missing DLLs. Sidenote: Include Rar uploads next time as well please.
Data Source usage: 
We didn't include any specifically from Seti.
Windows Binary file - Zip format: