Form Submission: Game Upload

Game Name: 
Avoid SETI
Game Description: 

The game as it is on submission is far from complete, but in essence it’s well represented. Avoid SETI takes the last part of Drake’s Equation, “the average length of time such civilizations survive and continue to send communication”.

We chose to elaborate on this idea and came up with an interesting proposal. What if this civilization CHOSE to not be detected? and what if they are constantly taking measures to keep us from finding them? This lead us to the discussion about how they would hide and why. The answers could be simple or complex, we went for the idea that contact with other civilizations had less than desirable outcome for “our” aliens. And now they send agents to nearby planets to keep them from finding them.

Team Name: 
Avoid SETI - Team

Bendik Hillestad - Lead Programmer, Executive Producer, Regional Manager and Boom Operator
Lars M Rasmussen - Visual Designer, Artist, Brogrammer, Producer, Assistant to the Regional Manager

Tools and Technologies: 
SDL2, OpenGL 4.0 & OpenGL 3.3, Pickle
Data Source usage: 
Drake's Equation and inspiring speeches helped us conjure up a masterpiece.
Awesome stuff
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