Form Submission: Game Upload

Game Name: 
Drakes Question
Game Description: 

Find out the answer to the Drake Equation! Currently in beta. Includes: Fully Textured and Normal Mapped Futuristic military training station, Asteroids formed using real data, Ships to fly in the asteroid storm, 3rd person control, Some AI. Plan to include : Dialogue, Drake Equation facts, Space travel history, and last but not least the drake Equation Calculator!-- note : most features we were unable to implement in a 48 hour period, but we want to keep updating the game! 

Team Name: 
Defiant Prodigy

Raymond Skinner - Programmer/Designer Anthony Hargiss - 3D artist

Windows, for now
Tools and Technologies: 
Data Source usage: 
Asteroid data, plan on implementing ATA data as well.