Form Submission: Game Upload

Game Name: 
The Space Herring
Game Description: 

Players have to work their way through the center of the universe by identifying solar systems with intelligent life. By reaching intelligent systems the player get more probes to continue explore the universe.

Team Name: 

Adrina Wennström - Graphics
Gemma Thomson - Game and level design
Hannes Delbeke - Programming
Max Nilsson - Programming

Window, Mac, Android
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity, Photoshop
Data Source usage: 
We use kepler data to animate the blinking of the stars. Players have to interpret this blinking this to work out their path through solar systems which could harbour intelligent life. The game seeks to address the middle sections of Drake’s Formula: Fp, Ne, Fl and Fi.
Title screen
More gameplay
Even more gameplay
Mac Binary file - Zip format: 
Windows Binary file - Zip format: